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Septic System Leach Line Repair


Septic Systems in Tucson and Southern Arizona typically last 20 – 30  years based on a number of factors including soil content, home occupancy, nearby trees, etc…

The number one reason I get called to fix leach lines are due to mesquite tree roots. If you have mesquite trees within 50 feet of your septic system, it is just a matter of time before they invade the tank, the distribution box and the leach field. The roots are attracted to the water and they will follow the source, and it’s called root invasion.

A typical leach line repair consists of starting at the outlet pipe of the tank and creating a new distribution box with clean out to surface for root killer, and 2 leach lines using infiltrator chambers.

Infiltrators have been widely accepted and designed by civil engineers for decades. They are an improvement to the old “Rock & Pipe” method that has been used previously.

Typically start to finish time is usually 2 – 4 days depending on working area and soil content.

This particular leach line repair consisted of having to pull the brick pavers and making a wide enough trench to lay the solid pipe from the tank to the distribution box.

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