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New Septic System Installation

A complete septic system installation in Southern Arizona / Pima County / Tucson will include a septic tank, distribution box with cleanout to surface for root killer, and a leach field.

Step 1:
Perc Test

  I provide the Civil Engineer and the backhoe. With your house plans, we will dig several perc test holes to determine how well the underground soil will soak up all the water that the house is going to give it. With a combination of how many bedrooms and bathrooms and the soil content, the Civil Engineer will design you the perfect septic system. After the system is designed and the paperwork is emailed to you, you take all of it to the county building (PDEQ) to obtain your permit to install the system. Or we can arrange it to be processed for you.

  Step 2:
The Permit Process

The Permit Process.  Once you submit your septic system design plan to PDEQ(The County Building), you should get approval to start in 1 – 2 weeks.

Step 3: 
Septic system Installation

It is common for a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home to have a 1000 gallon tank installed. The length of the leach lines are determined by the soil condition. Septic tanks come mass produced in 1000, 1250 and 1500 gallon sizes.

Looking at tank in the ground

Distribution Box With Clean out To Surface

Infiltrator Chamber Leach Field

Back fill After Installation Approved by PDEQ

After the install and approval, we can cut down the exposed pipes to whatever elevation you prefer. This clean out on the left goes to the distribution box, which you can pour copper sulfate
A.K.A. "Root Killer" down and keep the roots from getting near the leach field.

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