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Percolation Test
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It is important to know what kind of land you will be eventually building on before you buy it. Many people have opted to not do a perc or percolation test before purchasing, and later found out that the property has soil that is too rocky or soil that does not absorb water well, which would now require an alternative septic system, which is triple the price.

There are 2 types of Perc Tests

1) Perc Tests with Contingency Letter Only

This type of perc test is for the person who is buying land for future development, but wants to make sure the soil is functional. This person is not going to build for about 1-2 years. I provide the Civil Engineer and the backhoe, and we simply dig a couple of holes to see what the soil content looks like.

If it is passable, the Civil Engineer goes back to his office and writes a letter with his stamp and signature which states that the land is usable for a septic system in the future.

This client in the picture below wanted to buy vacant land on the East end of 22nd Street in Tucson.
I advised them to do a perc test with a contingency letter before purchasing it. After we dug several holes, it was apparent that the ground below 2 feet was all fractured rock, no soil at all to absorb the water that would come from the house. It did not pass the the perc test, which meant ALTERNATIVE SEPTIC SYSTEM, or in other words, a whole bunch more money. They walked away, and were smart that they didn't get too far into the construction of the home.


2) Perc Test With A Civil Engineer's Design

This type of perc test is for the person who has the goal to build a home within a year or so. The property owner would meet us on site with a copy of the house plans from the architect. This tells us how big the home will be and where on the property it will be, and with the soil content will give us perfect information to design the septic system. This will include all the paperwork that you will submit to  PDEQ.

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