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Tank And Lid Replacement
Septic tanks have been pretty much the same in Tucson, Pima County and Southern Arizona for decades. But in the 1950's, the technology wasn't quite there to make a whole tank lid that is in one is called a Sectional Lid, which consists of several rectangular concrete rows across the tank(Usually the rectangles are 2'X4' which make up the 4'X8' sized lid) to form the lid.
The problem is that gasses travel backward from the leach field and enter the tank from the outlet side and completely erode the concrete and anything that is above the operating water level. So outlet baffles get destroyed and start letting solids escape into the field, which usually requires a leach line repair if neglected long enough. Here are two examples of what I run into.

The erosion is from the inside out.

And it's a liability issue because there is no structural integrity to the lid when it becomes this eroded. So the solution is to have a custom tank lid built to the exact dimensions as the existing tank in the ground. Note: Almost always the tank itself is intact and functioning because so much of it is protected below the water.
Here is a new tank lid being custom built and poured with concrete. The round fillers in the rectangle will be the 24" manhole lids.

The tank lid has to be dropped with a crane

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